A "Good" Throwback


I had to reach back in the crates for this classic!

#Throwback #goodthangchallenge

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"I Guess I'm the OG!"


What's up family! I've got something to confess: I'm embracing getting old(er).

A lot of guys don't talk about being self-conscious as we age, but I'm glad to be here. I come from St. Louis, where many of us didn't think we'd make it past 28. So being here now, I'm thankful.

As we age, we gain wisdom and experience. We learn not to worry about what others think. I'm proud to be who I am!

So, fellas feeling down about getting older, don't be. Embrace it. Wear your age like a badge of honor. It means you've lived and learned. Just call me the OG

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🎶 Good Thang

* Willie Moore Jr. *
🎶 Good Thang

Download the rest of the song and add it to your playlist! 

Click Here to Download Good Thang

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“I never had it so good!”

Throughout this life, many people will have so many opinions about what YOU should do with your life, what path you should take, and how you should live this life. I have found that opinions are good to hear but not always good to adhere to. The truth is YOU may end up at a destination that you didn’t really desire. You may even become someone so far away from who God wants to use, some may even say “I lost myself.” How do you get to the desired destination that aligns with your purpose?

1. Take the time to sit in quiet. (For men I know this may be very hard for you because facing your unresolved issues may hunt you in your quiet time, but YOU CAN DO IT!)

2. Read God’s word Bible/Biblically based literature. (This really helps you identify a strong foundation on what God says about you versus what people say about you.)

3. Healthy Friendships. (A good friend will do three things: encourage you, challenge you and hold you accountable. YOU NEED IT!)

In your...

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Finding Purpose in My Past


I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my story through the music of my old alias, "Pretty Willie." I recently got my music masters back from my old albums, through a lot of hard work and an amazing team! It's a blessing to see how the Lord has allowed me to use my past experiences to touch the lives of others, and going to keep going

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Recap: Praise in the Park 2023


Praise In The Park 2023 in Houston, TX was so much fun! Can't wait to do it again!

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My Moment: The 24th Annual Super Bowl Soulful Celebration


Being chosen to host the 24th Annual Super Bowl Soulful Celebration was a movie!

I am so grateful, honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to serve at such an amazing event. All glory to God! #flatout


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The Morehouse College features the Adoption Story of Willie Moore Jr.,The Missing Peace, at coveted 4th Annual Human Rights Film Festival

“This year, more than ever, we want to uplift and support human rights storytelling that brings awareness to be local, national, and international human experiences,” boasts Executive Director Kara Walker when prompted to share the vision for the 2022 festival.

The goal of the Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival is to educate and expand awareness of social justice issues, generate conversation and dialogue around civil and human rights, and 
inspire innovative and creative new approaches to social change.

The #1 Rated host of the “Willie Moore Jr. Show,” with a reach of over 1.7 million people weekly on Praise 102.5 around the country, is the perfect addition to this global vision and discussion surrounding human rights.

“I was proud to have my directorial debut to be an early selection in the 4th Annual Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival. I am from Berkeley, MO, where the median income is 17K, and my forever parents are...

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City of Praise with Bishop Peebles


We had a time at City of Praise with Bishop Peebles! 

The message I delivered came to me while I was on my way to City of Praise in Baltimore. I started thinking about my football career and you won’t believe what I said to the audience. Watch and let me know what you think.  

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Meet Willie at the Baseball Park _ September 9th

Please join Wilie Moore Jr and the WILFLO Foundation for a night at the Braves games.

Willie Moore Jr.'s mission is to bring awareness to foster care and adoption.

This year alone, over 23,000 young people will age out of the foster care system without a family.

Please help our mission and join us at the ballpark (Atlanta Truist Stadium) on Thursday, September 9, 2021.

Tickets are $24.00 - $30.00. 
The link to purchase the ticket is Braves vs. Nationals (fevo.com)

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