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Hear How This Loving Adoption Parent Speaks on Strength, Determination and Love

"As a Master Storyteller, Media Influencer, Adoption Advocate, and Family Guy, Willie Moore Jr. brings a fresh perspective to the world."

Whether you know him as a YouTube Superstar, Grammy Recognized Musical Artist, or Stellar Award Winning Radio Host, Willie is hands down a fan-favorite.

Nicknamed Young-America's comedic Youth Pastor, Willie Moore Jr. is passionate about...

...helping foster kids find loving homes,

....building healthy relationships and marriages, and

...showing everyday individuals how to monetize their gifts and talents to start a profitable business.

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WilFlo Foundation

The Wilflo Foundation is a Nonprofit organization created in honor of Willie’s parents, Willie and Flora Moore. The foundation specializes in creating education-based content, with a focus on Adoption and Foster Care. As a master communicator, Willie uses radio, television and film to create unforgettable experiences for all families. If you are interested in partnering with Willie and working to find a home for over 100,000 children, please “Contact Us” today!

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