"Why He Wanna Be?"


Can you believe this guy wanna be a fake version of me?  Too funny...but it makes me think about you.

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Driving Home From Mama's House

Willie Moore Jr. drove from St. Louis Missouri Back to Atlanta Ga. only to discover.... WOW

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Willie's wife is mad at him today and he has a text message from someone who read his relationship book. This is what happened. WOW!

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She couldn't hear me?

Willie gave his friend some game on how to talk to his woman. This was pretty cool...

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LIE’S! Men Lie Women Lie!

Bruh willie leaves out the house during Covid 19 and discovers

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Man finds out his wife...😳 wow

Willie received a call that made him rethink speaking. Wow! 

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Top of the month bills are too much BUT...!

Willie gets request from his Babies' Mom, BILLS and his Wife.

How does he handle it?

This video features Brely Evans, Patricia Moore, Barber King Atl, Peyton Moore Jr. and Princeton Moore Jr. 

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