“I never had it so good!”


Throughout this life, many people will have so many opinions about what YOU should do with your life, what path you should take, and how you should live this life. I have found that opinions are good to hear but not always good to adhere to. The truth is YOU may end up at a destination that you didn’t really desire. You may even become someone so far away from who God wants to use, some may even say “I lost myself.” How do you get to the desired destination that aligns with your purpose?

📍1. Take the time to sit in quiet. (For men I know this may be very hard for you because facing your unresolved issues may hunt you in your quiet time, but YOU CAN DO IT!)

📍2. Read God’s word Bible/Biblically based literature. (This really helps you identify a strong foundation on what God says about you versus what people say about you.)

📍3. Healthy Friendships. (A good friend will do three things: encourage you, challenge you and hold you accountable. YOU NEED IT!)

In your later years, my prayer is that you can smile and look back like my 91-year-old father and say “I never had it so good!”

Love YOU, the real YOU,

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