The Morehouse College features the Adoption Story of Willie Moore Jr.,The Missing Peace, at coveted 4th Annual Human Rights Film Festival


“This year, more than ever, we want to uplift and support human rights storytelling that brings awareness to be local, national, and international human experiences,” boasts Executive Director Kara Walker when prompted to share the vision for the 2022 festival.

The goal of the Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival is to educate and expand awareness of social justice issues, generate conversation and dialogue around civil and human rights, and 
inspire innovative and creative new approaches to social change.

The #1 Rated host of the “Willie Moore Jr. Show,” with a reach of over 1.7 million people weekly on Praise 102.5 around the country, is the perfect addition to this global vision and discussion surrounding human rights.

“I was proud to have my directorial debut to be an early selection in the 4th Annual Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival. I am from Berkeley, MO, where the median income is 17K, and my forever parents are ex-sharecroppers. I am humbled and living a dream. I hope to continue to bring awareness to adoption and foster care around the world, “said Willie Moore Jr...

The Missing Peace, directed by Willie Moore Jr., is the vulnerable testimony, living testament, and riveting account of Moore Jr.’s journey to finding his biological parents.

This Dove Award, Stellar Nominated, and Grammy Award recognized powerhouse uncovers a universal truth to love and be loved from a place of empathy, genuine concern, and a desire to help humans live out their rights and purpose.

On Wednesday, September 21 at 7 p.m., The Missing Peace: The Adoption Story of Willie Moore, Jr.'s premiere screening will debut at the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center (Morehouse College).

Badges and tickets can be purchased online at, and visit the Dr. Moore founded WILFLO Foundation Inc. (named after his forever family, Willie and Flora Moore) at

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